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Bonded & Acrylic wood Objects Acorn International

Bonded Acrylic & Wood Panelling/Objects

Innovation at its best 6mm-20mm thick bespoke panels produced from solid hardwood and acrylic strips. Panels are used within frames, stand-alone doors or component. Various wood species & acrylic width combinations can be mixed to stunning effect. Back lighting further enhances the look.


Favoured by: architects, furniture, bedroom & kitchen manufacturers, shop fitters, joinery, interior designers, restaurants, public house, celebrities etc.


Thickness: 6mm-20mm (other thicknesses available on request)
Width of wood strips: 6, 9, 13, 17, 21mm
Width of Acrylic Strips: 6, 8, 19, 18mm
Available Finish: Polished, clear transparent, oiled or opaque


> Furniture
> Kitchens
> Bedrooms
> Offices
> Boardrooms
> Shops
> Mirrors
> Kitchens
> Picture Frames
> Interior Doors


> Polished
> Oiled
> Opaque
> Unfinished
> They must never be varnished
Pre-Sanding: 220 grit
Sanding: 400 grit
Fine Sanding: 600 grit
Wax no 16 from Menzerna


Manufactured to order – Delivery: Approximately 4 weeks


Bonded Acrylic & Wood is very easy to maintain. The beauty of this product is that there is no technical or expertise process required:


> Never use solvents
> Never use abrasive products
> Never use chemicals
> In the event of a deep scratch the panel must be repaired by specialists


On request at a discounted rate (made up to your bespoke specification), drawings required