Bespoke Bonded Acrylic & Wood:

This unique product consists of acrylic bonded to wood (invisible glue line) and can be used to produce: kitchen cabinet doors, tables, desktops, screens, basins, stairs. Clients’ can choose an array of wood species, combination of thicknesses and widths to suit their own specification.


3Layer Panels:

Superior quality wood 7mm/7mm/7mm (21mm), guaranteed defect free around all edges (5cm). Shear test carried out by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. No visible knots and no open joints.  Also available in 5Layer (35mm) and 7Layer (49mm). Looks stunning when species are mixed. I.e: walnut & sycamore.



This versatile product is used by so many industries for vast applications and is also ideal for Fire Check doors (uncertified).


Solid Kitchen Door Blanks:

Solid centre panels for kitchen cabinets door and furniture manufacturers.


Stair Treads:

Our range of products consists of a broad collection of wooden composites. Our Bonded acrylic & wood is exceptionally ideal for those dim lit areas and Precision-Line is very much favoured by architects and builders.



The word ‘Arcance’ means anything is possible ! All pieces are produced to clients’ exclusive designs and drawings.