‘Good bye laminates, plastic, vinyl flooring & decking…Welcome to Genuine Wooden Flooring & wall panelling’ both inside & out


Walk on wood, its the natural thing to do! Why stop there? With this unique product you can bring the garden into the home, hotel, spa, yacht, balcony. No more slippery decking or unattractive walls.  Imagine your favourite room extended into the garden, yes, the same flooring in your favourite room can be laid on your patio, barbecue, balcony and many more surfaces.

We value our clients’ requirements, providing incomparable production opportunities to meet the architectural needs of each specification, thus assuring client satisfaction.

Considered an ECOLOGICAL answer to the indiscriminate wood demand, which has led people in these last decades to increase awareness towards world’s deforestation

The support is made of recycled material while the sliced veneer used in the noble part of the product assures a lower waste of wood.

Another unique feature is that it can be installed with classic parquet polyurethane glue as well as concrete glues (for floors or ceramic coverings) and even leave joints to be filled, thus, creating new settings and design opportunities.

The ecology theory on the other hand has over the past years acquired significant status, both residential living communities and in the business world. Although at one time the predominate factor was products that was as environmentally sound as possible. Today the focus is on an integral consideration of buildings, from choosing the resources through to the production process and the utilisation and disposal of the building materials that are used.

Our groundbreaking water resistant flooring and wall panelling for both inside and outdoor use is a breath of fresh air to the industry.

Our  product is bonded between an exclusive technological substrate with any wood species of our clients’ choice as well as unlimited specification to reach flexibility of up to 240 degree curves. This gives designers, architects and contractors the opportunity to stretch their imaginations.

> Bathrooms
> Kitchens
> Utility Room
> Airports
> Hotels
> Balconies
> Gardens
> Roof Top Gardens
> Pool Side

> Strength
> Durability
> Water and humidity resistance
> Noise reduction
> Creativity
> Thermal transmittance

> Wear & Tear Resistance Test
> Radiant Heat Resistant Test
> Soundproofness Test
> Fire Response Test
> Thermal Resistance Test
> Chemical Resistance Test
> Penetration Resistance Test
> Formaldehyde Emission Test
> Resistance To Cold Fluids Test
Environmental preservation and healthy living must be paramount. Our manufacturer is certified FCS & PEFC
A number of international, non-governmental organisations have been established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests, principally the PEFC® (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and the FSC® (the Forest Stewardship Council). Products may come from an FSC or PEFC source but they cannot carry the logo unless the chain of custody is approved by the relevant body throughout.

> Azimut/Benetti yachts
> Baglietto
> Davidoff
> Ferretti yachts
> Mondo Marine yachts
> Overmarine
> Prada